How To Buy Land in Abuja: A Must-Read Article Before You Buy Land in Abuja

February 21, 2024
How To Buy Land in Abuja

How To Buy Land in Abuja: If you are interested in investing in real estate in Abuja either today or tomorrow, then this article is for you. In this particular article, we’re looking at the why, the what, and the room of real estate investment here in Abuja.

We’ll agree with that. Abuja is one of the most desirable locations to invest in Nigeria.

And because of that, real estate in Abuja is actually something that can change your life, but it also has the capacity to make a mess of your finances if you don’t invest the right way.

So this article is something you should read to the end if you’re interested in investing in real estate in Abuja.

At Abuja Real Estate, we don’t just share investment opportunities with you. We also educated you so that you know how to safely and brightly invest in a city like Abuja.

So ladies and gentlemen, let’s go right into the main content.

So, like I mentioned, Abuja is a great location to invest in as far as real estate is concerned. But before you even decide to send any money to anybody, to any company, to anybody, generally as far as real estate is concerned, you have to first of all be able to establish your why. Like I mentioned, I’ll be looking at the why, the what, and the who. And this is quite important.

So for the start, we’ll be looking at the why, and the why or your why is critical because that is what we determine what you should get.

It is not just enough to have the money. It is also very important that you’re putting the money in the right place or with the right idea for the right products so that it doesn’t become an issue of either a scam or a product that will not fit into what you actually have in mind. So what are the specific elements of that? Then, you have to look at whether you are interested in How To Buy Land in Abuja or want to make a commercial investment.

  • You want to do a residential investment.
  • You want to make an investment, generally short-term, long-term, or specifically for rental income.

These specific elements are critical as far as your why is concerned.

The reason is important because you don’t just buy land or invest in real estate. In fact, if you have a broker, you have an agent who just responds to your buying request without asking certain questions. In my opinion, that is not the right approach. whoever you are engaging in any real estate investment should be able to establish why you are buying it or why you want to make that decision to invest, because if you just go ahead to buy, then at that point there are certain issues that may arise, especially if it doesn’t fit what you need at that particular point in time. A few examples. We’ve had instances where clients reach out, and for whatever reason, when we begin to ask certain questions, we realize that what they are actually requesting is not what they actually need, right?

So you don’t want to find yourself in such a position.

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And for most of the instances, we get to tell them that this is not it; if I had made certain deals, it’s OK.

But I remember when it started that I had a client who was ready to pay almost immediately, right?

It has requested account numbers and all of that.

He wanted to send in the money that day, and when he gave me some further insight as to why he was making that decision, I told him that this was not a product to go for.

And by the time I told him that I was going to get the product before the end of the week, which is what I just need to make final decisions on, he no longer responded to me.

Later on, I just realized that my wife fell. He would be after he had made that payment. It was hurtful but needed to be done.

So we have a number of instances in that regard, and it’s not just about having the money to buy; you just have to really pay attention to your wife because your realtor and your broker should work with your wife to get you what we need for the purpose while you’re making that issue.

Again, commercial, residential, short-term, and long-term, don’t go and buy land for short-term reasons, and then they give you a long-term that will not make sense, or you want to do land-bathing, and they’re giving you somewhere like Maitama or Sokoro that will not fit, particularly for a place like Abuja.

How To Buy Land in Abuja: So let’s quickly rush to the next point, which is what?

How To Buy Land in Abuja
How To Buy Land in Abuja.

Now you have to also consider your what very critically because your WHAT will also have to fall back to your why.

In fact, you cannot talk about the what until you have determined the why.

In other words, or more specifically, we should be looking at what you want to invest in.

Is it land, is it a house, is it a finished house, or is it an off-plan house?


You have to be able to also determine that set of other elements before you can now see that it is OK to go on with this.

And of course, your wire wasn’t.

I’ll tell you whether what you’re going for should be off plan or should be a finished product.

Have established your wire and what you have to properly merge it with your wool so that there is no issue.

At the end of the day and under the wool, we should be asking questions, or you should be asking questions like, Who is the company? Are they registered?

Are they certified?

As a lawyer myself, I’ve seen funny occasions where, in fact, this is one part of the conversation.

Then a lot of clients I know, because I’m a lawyer, will understand the legal part of real estate.

It’s something I’m very, very keen to know, right?

So you see a company that is registered under a business name that is doing real estate transactions and lending properties to clients.

That is not one that you should go for.

So you have to be able to understand what certifications this company has to be able to do this right.

You also have to consider whether they are only involved in marketing or are actually product developers.

You must also understand what type of land they have for the specific product, land, or house that they are selling to you at that time.

The number of questions that you have to look at or that you will have to look at under the wool is largely very large.

The whole idea of the wool is that you want to be able to engage the right company or have a transaction with the right company so that the deal doesn’t go south at the end of the day.

So in this last part of the world, you are asking the question of who I am engaging to help me acquire this land or this house from this company.

Now, for a lot of Nigerians, especially those who are not residents of Nigeria, when you want to buy land, you reach out to your brother to help you do the second part of the world to help you perform certain professional services or professional jobs, basically that they are not.

Your brother may just be a teacher or any other person, but he’s not into real estate.

So because he’s not really into it, just imagine wanting to buy a car; you don’t have an idea of the car and all of that.

And you request somebody who has never driven a car, who doesn’t know how to drive a car, who’s never owned a car, to help you go and check or to help you go and buy a car.

At that point, the person is going to be going in with a lot of ignorance.

So it makes sense that when you want to buy land from a company, it is important that you also engage a third party that understands real estate to help you do that.

And that’s the second part of the world.

If you’re very comfortable dealing directly with this other company, that’s absolutely fine.

Of course, there are stations where the broker or agent helps you or does the market, and you are able to find out from a third party.

But the essence of this is that you are dealing with the right people, the right company, or you are using the right representative or the right professional to help you end or to help you relate to the other company, the developer that helps you acquire what you actually want.

So if you look at it carefully, realize that the why, the what, and the womb are critical because if you miss the why, then there will most likely be an issue with the what.

In summary, how to buy land in Abuja: do research, Determine the purpose. Select a location. Engage professionals, Negotiate the price. Pay the required fees and register the land.

If you miss what most likely will be an issue, we will. So these three elements have to work together to get the most out of real estate. I’m sure you enjoyed reading these articles. 

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