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Offiong Barahart Oyo-ita

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Over the years, owning investments in real estate has always been a dream for me, and finally actualizing this through sales and real estate consulting has been the highlight of my journey and growth so far. 

I am Offiong Barahart Oyo-ita, popularly known as your Abuja Guru Realtor, the realtor that holds your hand as you journey through real estate lucrativeness.

As a realtor who has undergone value-packed training courtesy of the Fortreal brand through the Fortreal Academy, I can emphatically state that offering you the best in real estate is my utmost priority. In other words, I don’t just sell real estate; I am concerned about the well-being and progress of my clients, and I look forward to them building sustainable wealth through real estate investment.

As the months go by, my real estate journey has been a beautiful sojourn of heart-warming successes as clients see their dreams becoming realities in their very eyes.

My dependence is solely on God, and my core values are:

Integrity: I work my talk.

Credibility: You can take my words to Bank; arguably nothing goes south in this territory.

Doggedness: I never give up until I get you that dream home.

FUN: I saved my final core value, fun, for last because this is the glue that holds all other core values together. Be reassured that, with me, there isn’t a dull moment even when house hunting.

Owing to the fact that I understand the grandeur and peculiarity of the digital space, I explore the streets of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Threads, and Twitter, where I share details of my real estate journey. 

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Conclusively, investing in the gold mine called real estate is the path to building sustainable wealth for generations to come. I will love to be the realtor who holds your hand as you embark on this life-changing journey. I don’t just sell real estate; I sell the good life.

Stay Wealthy
Abuja Guru Realtor
Offiong Oyo-ita

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